Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Big Pile of Humbug

I am not a "Christmas Cheer" person. It is a bunch of contrived and insincere bullshit. We can't be nice to others the other 11 months of the year? Really, are people kinder to each other during the Christmas season? No, they run each other over and display no patience with their fellow man as they prowl the malls looking for holiday swag. How jolly. It is a mad rush to get to a day of consumption. U.S.A. !!!

Merry Christmas to the Atlanta Falcons and the Arkansas Razorback football players. Rookie Falcon head coach, Bobby Petrino, pulls a "duck" and leaves the franchise with three games left and doesn't have the balls to face the players and tell them. A "duck" is the move you make at a bar, when you want to get out of there and one guy keeps calling you a "pussy" and keeps buying rounds. You go to the bathroom and sneak out the back door without saying goodbye. It's a weenie move. Man up and tell your boys that you are cutting out. Really.

Anyway, this bag of crap leaves his team because he can't hack it and runs back to college. Now, the poor Arkansas football players, who can't choose their coach, are stuck with this low-life. One recruit withdrew his commitment and told the truth; He couldn't play for a guy who was so obviously untrustworthy. Good for him. Shame on the Arkansas AD for enabling this kind of behavior and subjecting young men to this mercenary asshole.

Petrino made $5 million with the Falcons and will make 3 million instead with Arkansas. With this kind of money, these coaches could give a care. The man has no honor, no sense of responsibility, no commitment and has no qualities of a real man. Petrino has the nerve to tell the media that he doesn't want to "dwell on the past," but wants to "look to the future." Of course he does. That serves his interests and allows him to avoid looking in the mirror. To top it all off, he acts like a real clown at the Arkansas press conference, one day after ass-reaming the NFL Falcons, by doing the Razorback "SOOEY PIG" cheer with a big "I just got paroled" smile on his face. If I was an Atlanta player, I would hunt Petrino down, slap in the face and tell him, as Don Corleone told Johnny Fontaine, "You can ACT LIKE A MAN!!!" How can this guy look at his children with any shred of self-respect.

Merry Christmas to Bear fans everywhere. What did Santa Papa Bear get us this year? A coach who is so arrogant and stupid that he can't take media questions about his sorry-ass team. Lovie needs to start telling the truth. He owes it to Bear fans. We buy the tickets; we allow him to make a living coaching a game; we help pay his salary. Maybe Lovie doesn't feel the "media" is entitled to know why Greg Olsen is not on the field, but I am entitled to know. They won't let me ask the questions to Lovie, so the writers do. Answer the questions, honestly. It's football not national security. I am really sick of this guy. Is this obvious?

Forgive my Grinchy frown. Christmas to me is about the five faces I see every morning. It is about the people I love and respect outside my four walls. It is about the birth of a savior, a faith in the goodness of man and a hope of heaven. To me, that is a daily reflection. In my world, everyday is Christmas.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

This Is What I'm Talking About...No, It's Not the Bears.

If you caught the Monday Night tilt between the Patriots and Ravens, you saw professional football at its best. The great thing about the Pats quest to go undefeated is watching their opponents elevate their play and effort to the highest level. The Ravens played their asses off. The Pats fought for their 12-0 lives. It was not about money last night. It was about pride. It was about beating and being the best. It was the finest football players in the world playing at their peak. You don't see this kind of game during the regular season very often. Lately, the Pats are getting to play in these games. I have said it before and will say it again, watch this team.

That being said, the Ravens are whining like bitches. "The refs stole the game." Bullshit. I love it when the losing player says, "You can't call a penalty on fourth down or in the fourth quarter. Let the players decide it on the field." Well, that is fine, unless you actually commit a penalty that gives you an unfair advantage on fourth down or in the fourth quarter. The Ravens DB held the Pats receiver on fourth down with the game on the line. It was clear. He held him. The ref is supposed to eat the flag? How is that fair? You don't get to cheat because it is fourth down with the game on the line. The Ravens' complaints diminish what I considered a tremendous game on their part. They had their chances with the ball. They couldn't get it done. Look in the mirror, lads.

After a third down hold by New England forcing a punt late in the game, Patriot safety Rodney Harrison walked past the Ravens bench and talked some smack. This caused Ravens Coach Brian Billick to make three "kissing-smooch" faces to Harrison. This was hilarious on multiple levels. First of all, this game was so fierce, all professionalism was thrown out the window. This was a street fight. Good Times. More importantly, it highlighted the fact that Billick has no lips. Can a man with no lips effectively perform the "kiss-smooch" face? Did Harrison win the confrontation because of Billick's liplessness? We don't even know what Harrison said to provoke the "kisses." Does Billick maintain credibility without lips? It is like having the Larry Linville "Frank Burns" character from M.A.S.H as your head coach. Rod Blagoevich has no lips. This does not bode well for Billick.