Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tommie Harris is Misunderstood Again

Mike Lombardi of the National Football Post commenting on Brad Biggs Sun-Times article:
No one takes exception to the work of the media more regularly than defensive tackle Tommie Harris, who complained at length about a Sun-Times column from earlier in the week that he acknowledged he didn’t read. Harris said the column made it appear he was pointing fingers at teammates after the loss to Tennessee. ‘ You think that a lot of the fans are saying a lot of negative stuff, but it’s really just the media that always keeps us going,” Harris said. ”That’s what you guys have to do, that’s your job. … I just pray for you guys and hope that you can sleep at night.” Cornerback Corey Graham said Wednesday that everyone with the Bears was on thin ice, and that seems to be the way some want it. ”Where is it not tense Week [11]?” Smith said. ”It’s a big game, and each week it’s that way. I hope it would be tense. There’s a lot at stake, and guys want to play well. It will be the same thing next week and the week after that.”

Mike says: Tommie Harris is just too inconsistent as a player. He looked back to form about a month ago, and now he is back to lying on blocks and does not have the ability to disrupt many plays. He is not quick off the ball, he is not explosive right now and this affects the Bears defense. The whole concept of the defense is built around having great play from the three techniques. Harris has been too inconsistent and this is why the Bears are so inconsistent.

This is dead-on. Harris's act is growing very tired. Tommie, the media is not blocking your ass. Harris is not coming off the ball and does not have the size to dominate the middle. A 3-technique is really not supposed to clog; he is supposed to attack and disrupt. Harris may command an initial double, but the extra OL quickly moves on to another defender. On passing downs, Dvorcek and Israel Idonojie are more effective. Harris needs to shut his mouth and earn that salary. If anyone should be losing sleep, it's Harris-for stealing money and wins from our team.

I am heading to Lambeau, aka "Football Mecca" for the big game. I would not be going if Orton was out. Love ya' Neckbeard. You can count on Kyle to do whatever it takes to play, which is another way to say "No chance that midget is getting into the biggest divisional game of the season. This game could be a shootout. The Pack defense has been depleted with injuries to top players. The Bears D will now face a receiving corps that rivals any in the League. Just think what Kerry Collins would have done with a true deep threat. Ouch. The Baboon-ich must come up with a way to get pressure on Aaron Rodgers or this will be ugly.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Thank God for good junior high football coaching. Bob Babich decides at halftime of the LION game to stop the insanity, the coming-out party for the great Dan Orlavsky. For one half, sweet Dan, looked like DAN MARINO, picking apart the Bears pass defense and their formidable lack of pass rush. The genius Babich decides that the BLITZ would be an effective tactic against a young, green QB. Thanks, Bob. Only one half of hypertension to weaken my heart for life. Thanks loads.

Kyle or no Kyle, Rex aside, this Titan game is a test for the defense and the O-line. Tennessee is big and mean. They will come right at you. In the immortal words of Al McGuire, the Titans will bring no "french pastry." It will be a slobberknocker of a game. The Bears better strap it up, because the tougher team will win. This reminds me of the 2004 game in Pittsburgh. The Steelers, in the cold and snow, powered by a soon-to-be-retired Jerome Bettis, kicked the snot out of the Bears and launched themselves into a championship run. It was an ass-whipping. That's what I love about football. It ain't complicated. You will find out on Sunday who is really capable of being a champion. There will be no where to hide. I can't wait.

Brian Urlacher has looked like an ordinary player when I have actually looked at him. He is not the same guy. He has lost the burst, the explosion that he was known for. You can see it on his blitzing. It is not his fault; he has hit the wall. Lance Briggs has been very good and has covered for Urlacher on the inside. Also, the cover-2 is dead. Urlacher takes himself out of the action with that deep pass drop. Opposing teams don't go deep middle; they find the underneath or the shorter routes.

What I fear you will see on Sunday is a defense that gets manhandled by a bigger front. The Bears are not stout inside and their backers are not powerful enough to stop the run. Tennessee will not have to throw to win. If the Bears can rise up, press the outside receivers man-to-man and load up on the run, they have a shot. I just think that their scheme is obsolete and their personnel is undersized for this opponent.

On the other side, they have to keep the Titans off balance. Grossman has to get into a rhythm. If it goes three and out-three and out, they will get steamrolled. The good thing about this game is that the Bears know what is coming. The question is...can they handle it and give it right back.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Week 9 is Fine

The blog writing took the bye week to recharge the battery. It helps that the Viking game was so much fun. I really had a good time, other than the fact that they keep squeezing the cars into the South lot. It's getting tighter amd tighter. They are really trying to squeeze me out. They are pissing me off. Didn't I just say that I had fun?

The reality is that when your quarterback plays well and you can score points, the game is much easier to enjoy. I love defense and hard-hitting more than most, but when you grind out the wins, it can be unsatisfying. The Bear offense has been good lately. Neckbeard the pirate, has been quite the swashbuckler.

Mike Singletary is one of my football heroes. He has no capacity for bullshit. His press conference after the 49er's last game was an example. He said what every football fan wants to say. It's what every football man believes. You aren't supposed to say it to a pro? F that. The real shame is that Mike has to say it at all. These divas get paid to play. The 49er's suck and most of them are losers. The media is beautiful. Especially the ex-coach commentators. If those loads knew what motivated these pricks, wouldn't they have coaching jobs? I believe the best way to motivate most players is to threaten them with their jobs. Jimmie Johnson, Parcells, Coughlin did it that way. They won some Super Bowls with that little tactic. But then the media and players would call them mean and cruel. Boo hoo, sissies.

Here comes the Lion. I fear any team that is 0 for the season. Start fast, boys and let them suck on the jetwash.