Monday, October 13, 2008

Cherish All Time That You Have Been your Offensive Line

I never thought much of Matt Ryan coming into the NFL. I was wrong about that guy. Yesterday, he was given all day to throw, and he made the most of it. He shredded the Bears for 301 yards and pulled the game out in the end. Really, the Falcons and Ryan dominated the game all but for 4 minutes in the 4th quarter. The Bears did not deserve to win.

The Bears need a talent upgrade at defensive end. Brown and Wale are solid pros, but they are not difference makers. Another game with no pressure, no sacks and no turnovers. I have said it before and will say it again, we have to get more talented on both sides of the line. The defensive tackle position is deep and good, but you don't expect your tackles to get sacks. There needs to be pressure because we can't cover right now. I think healthy or not, Nathan Vasher is struggling to cover people. Tillman is constantly banged up. On that last deep out, Marcus Hamilton had his head in the backfield, did not get enough depth and allowed that completion to be a lot easier than it should have been. It wasn't Mike Brown's fault.

The squib quick was a weeny call. Shame on Lovie for not playing to win. Lovie. Let's eat the remainder of his contract and get Bill Cowher.

The Kyle Orton Experience is getting surreal. I am afraid to say it, but I think we got ourselves a quarterback. That last drive was all Orton. He looked great.

What the hell is going on with Tommie Harris spastic re-fumble? I mean, enough of this guy. Dusty Dvorcek is doing a great job. Oh, one more thing, Devin Hester needs to start running again on his kick returns. You learn that in youth football. If you stop, you're dead. And you will get hurt. Devin is progressing as a receiver but regressing on the returns. It is like he wants out.

Big battle for the NFC North lead on Sunday. I will be there and will officially lose my voice. I have to give up one for the team.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Really Don't Have Anything To Say

The Bears got 'er done on Sunday, but it was 3-0 for a little too long for my liking. They began the second half with a "foot on the throat" drive for a touchdown and that did it. Good to see them put a bad team on the hoof and stomp them.

Tommie Harris apologized to the team and his fans. Then, he went on to talk about how he lost his way spiritually. Whatever. My spirit would be tied to the $10 million. Get out there and play. Talent. What a burden. Let's see what happens when we put the pads on.

Atlanta will be a tough game. On the road with against a team that's no pushover. The Falcons have suprised many people with their start. I am never suprised. They are professionals; they have pride. What is suprising is the play of rookie QB Matt Ryan. I will admit that I was not high on this kid coming into the league. However, the Falcons have put him in a position to be successful, and the guy has a great arm. So, I stand corrected. Let's shut down the Michael Turner running show and put these guys down.

The Kyle Orton experience heads into Week Six. I have enjoyed it so far. Orton gets better every week. He is a leader. He is tough. He is becoming very dependable. I will stop talking now. The Jinx, you know.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Chicago Baseball...Catch the Fever

As our two baseball teams crap in their respective hats, it's a perfect time to cuddle up with some football. There has been a game on every night this week. I haven't watched them, but I love the effort. It is my gridiron security blanket. When I need it, it's there. So dependable, my blanky.

Cub fans gotta be feelin' the pain. It's one thing to get beat, but to play as bad as they have (errors & walks) really hurts. Too bad. As for the Sox...they have no clutch in them.

Tommie Harris got suspended because he is never on time. He thinks he is bigger than the program. I am losing faith in this guy by the day. He can't stay on the field, and he has a big mouth. He bitched at management for cutting Mark Bradley loose. Tommie, lay off the talent evaluation. Bradley produced nothing but stomach cramps. He was another guy who couldn't stay healthy, get open or catch. Tough traits for a receiver. Harris needs to shut up and play. Lovie needs to shut him down if he is injured. I hate the fact that the Bears play this cloak-and-dagger game with injuries. If the dude is hurt, I want to know. I think if you give a guy $10 million, he can get to meetings and treatment on time. Be a professional.

Michael Lombardi of National Football Post called out Bernard Berrian for his inability to hold on to the ball. I called this one. Berrian was going to get overpaid. He is not a big time playmaker. He is a straight ahead, fly pattern, speed receiver. He is not dynamic and not worthy of the millions Minnesota gave him. You had to let him go. He is no better than what we have right now. Jerry Angelo, this is not a compliment.

Our player evaluation is so much stronger on the defensive end than the offensive end. I see Corey Graham, Nick Roach, Marcus Harrison all get plugged in and produce. On offense, we can't get any depth in the talent pool. They got it right with Forte. They finally put in Beekman. This is good. By the way, on Sunday night when we had third and seven and needed a first down late in the game, Forte got 10 yards right over Beekman. You got to play the Boston College O-lineman. They are tough sons of bitches. The Bears should know this.

Anyway, I want Brandon Rideau activated for this week. Let's see what he can do. In several preseasons, this guy went up and caught the ball. He scores touchdowns. I don't believe these coaches when they say that this kid is not ready. I trust they believe he could be or why would he be on the team. Throw him the ball. It can't hurt.

Be prepared for the endless game vs. the Lion. Kitna may throw the ball a Greise-like 70 times. It will be a slow clock.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Roller Coaster of Love (for now)

I enjoyed the game Sunday night. It was, for me at least, the most entertaining Bear game I have seen in a while. A great defensive effort with benefits-3 Bear offensive touchdowns. The offense has had one putrid half, the 1st half vs. Tampa Bay. Other than that, they are giving me more on offense than I expected. Many analysts say that the Eagles gave it away, that we got lucky. Whatever. We beat a good team. We played really hard for 4 quarters. We got a first down at the end of the game when we needed one badly. We drafted a very good running back. All that is cause to celebrate for 15 minutes.

Orton can really see the field. He does not always make the best throw, but at least he is finding the right receiver. After four weeks of watching him, I can say that it was the right call to start him over Grossman. A real easy call, actually.

Great crowd. Not an empty seat in the house, loud, everyone stayed till the end and pretty well-behaved. Not as much sloppy drunkenness as in the past. My crowd got a little unruly when they were informed that I forgot to bring the buns. What a bonehead. However, after the orgy of grilled encased ground meats, I was propelled back to the throne. Sausage-There is No Substitute.

Nothing would throw the momentum right into the abyss more than a less-than-stellar effort against the Lion in Detroit on Sunday. We need to come out smokin', just like this past Sunday night. I love the opening three-play touchdown drive. Wow! Who were those guys?

The Sox are roaring into the playoffs after an exciting, white-knuckler last night. I applaud the "Black Out" attire concept with one caveat. Is the all-black clothing an effective intimidation tactic during a night baseball game. Did the Twins say to themselves, "I can hear these fans, but where are they?" Purely from a fashion standpoint, black is very slimming. This is a plus for most southsiders, considering their love of encased ground meats. I bet the folks at the game were feeling thin and sexy. Good for them.

I endorse playoff baseball. I encourage you to go ahead and's O.K. It's exciting stuff. If the Sox lose early, I want the Cubs to win it all. It will be months of pure hell, but eventually that will blow over. Then they can shut the fu&* up about the curse, Bartman, and the wait till next year bullshit that they have been spewing during my 42 years of life. It needs to end and end soon. So, if it must be so, then GO CUBBIES! You know, Lou Pineilla should go to the black. It would help him out way more than the home white with pinstripes or those (Ugh!) very unflattering road grays.