Saturday, January 10, 2009

"Decision 2009-Mediocrity"

At least Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo are men of their word. They told us that we didn't need many changes and, by God, they ain't changin'. Their actions or lack thereof, demonstrate their convictions. Let's fire the position coaches to properly place the blame on those responsible for our jello-like defense. That's the kind of accountability strong organizations display, like a group of 10 year-olds standing around Mom's broken Waterford vase. Thankfully, we have not seen this type of leadership from the White House, yet. Only from Halas Hall and Springfield.

There are real teams playing this weekend. I will be watching the tough and physical Ravens, Titans, Steelers and Panthers, trying not to sob uncontrollably. I love playoff football, and many of this year's contenders have all the trappings of a Matt McQuaid team. Run hard and hit hard, solid fundamentals, you know, the stuff I don't see in orange and blue.

Lots of opportunuty to get better "right now" in this year's draft. I will be going over my draft board and make my picks soon. Underclassmen have to decide by the 15th of January. My reader needs to stay posted.

I am putting my name into the hopper to be chosen as the Special Prosecutor in the Blago impeachment hearings. It would be like shooting a fish in a barrell. The Illinois Senate is a "hanging jury."

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